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 One of the most important tenants of sail design is to attempt to incorporate proper twist into the sail shape.  This will “lay the foundation” of the design and enables us to match the various wind speeds which occur simultaneously from top to bottom of the mast.

   We have been able to formulate these apparent wind gradients and incorporate them into our electronic mold.  The cloth “shape” is then calculated around this mold and all of our offsets developed for each sailcloth panel.  Minimal seaming is achieved along with using the strong warp yarns within the cloth by laying panels in a vertical direction parallel to the leech. .



 Racer’s edge

    “Need a speed edge?"  Or, would you rather fall in line BEHIND the corporate fleet… believing more of the same old, same old advertising lines.  Your choice!

 We have been experimenting with various new sail-making designs and techniques for the best part of 20 years!   Our philosophy has been one of constant experimentation and perfection of aerodynamic sail efficiency.

   In this day of brand standardization, and very limited product choices, it’s extremely difficult to find a product that will actually give the individual a competitive edge on the racecourse.  That’s exactly what our sails do!

We know that once you try one of our “Power Twist” sails, you’re going to have a big smile on your face! Give us a call, or send an E-mail, and we’ll send you a quote.  It’s as simple as that!

Want more speed?

    Need to point a few degrees higher?Break-through technology measures and matches your boat’s hull configurations, and enables us to custom build a sail that will out perform those old- fashioned standard cross- cut or radial sails!

Our methods of sail design and construction are proprietary and available NO WHERE ELSE!

Every one of our sails is ELECTRONICALLY MOLDED, not lofted.  This ensures a perfect shape and calculated twist being cut into the body, enabling the cloth to perform with less stress- inducing, older cloth- shaping techniques.

FAST long life DACON or the latest in TRI –AXIAL laminates. All available with the same attention to detail.

Made in the USA product.

Before you buy that new sail, give us a call. 

We’re located in Port Jefferson, Long Island, and have been serving our sailing community for 35 years.   That enough experience for you?





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